Bucketfeet launched in 2011 after a chance meeting in Argentina between two strangers who were backpacking around the world. A beer, an interesting pair of hand-drawn shoes and a converstion later, a partnership was born.

Today, Bucketfeet exists to celebrate self-expression and connect people through art. A different artist designs every time we produce, giving each customer an original story and style. Painters, graffiti artists, writers, illustrators, tattoists and many more original creators are part of the BucketFeet Artist Network. BucketFeet has already collaborated with over 100 artists in more than 20 countries.

Every pair of our signature footwear is manufactured with premium canvas and massage bubble insoles for ultimately quality nad comfort. BucketFeet shoes are made to stand out, inspire conversations and create new connections. We believe art is for everyone, and that includes you.


We are curious, experience-hungry individuals who seek to learn from those who are unlike us.


We collaborate with artists from around the world to create products that stand out and tell a story.


We exist to connect people through art.


Art is for everyone.

Our History...

Bucketfeet was inspired by two unlikely stories from two very different individuals. Aaron started drawing on shoes back in college in 2006 and Raaja was looking for an escape from the world of finance. In 2008, they independently moved to Argentina on a whim - Aaron worked as a photographer and Raaja started his year - long journey backpacking around the world. The two met in the villas of Argentina, and bonded over a love for art and shoes. Before Raaja left Argentina, Aaron designed a pair for him, and those were the shoes Raaja wore across 25 countries and 6 continents.

There were two main inspirations for Bucketfeet. For Raaja, it was the people he met during his travels because of shoes he wore. His shoes stood out, they inspired conversation, and allowed Raaja to connect with so many people with such different backgrounds. For Aaron, it was an art project he did in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. The idea was that were talented artists in the favelas, but the greater Rio community did not see this art. Aaron shadowed street artists for two weeks, and later held an exhibit of their work. He showed people that art was universal, that art could connect people, and that talented people were everywhere.

In 2010, Raaja sent Aaron a simple Facebook with one question. Did he want to quit his job, move to Chicago, and team up to create brand that was all about finding talented artists to create super original footwear? The rest is history. Bucketfeet is based in Chicago, IL and was launched in Spring 2011. If you are an individual, wear original.