Lonely Whale, Seas the Day

The Lonely Whale Foundation and Bucketfeet have teamed up to create a shoe designed to inspire the restoration and protection of underwater ecosystems around the globe.

From the tips of rolling waves to a deep-sea display, Lonely Whale's mission can be depicted visually in so many ways. We've gathered some artists whose artwork inspires us.


Zaria Formanlonelywhale20

Zaria travels the world and makes artwork conveying climate change. She is driven to create hyper-realistic pastel drawings to bring awareness to the Earth’s changing water scapes.


Anthony Hurdlonelywhale19

A designer and fine artist based out of Austin, TX., Anthony’s acrylic pieces turns emotion into high-energy liquid landscapes.



"Influenced by his love of the ocean, Hula took to the water to create semi-submerged murals, while balancing on his stand up paddle board."


Marissa Quinnlonelywhale6

"I was born and raised knee deep in the salty water shores of San Diego California. The sea runs life through my veins, and inspires me to visually portray Nature’s narratives." – Marissa Quinn


Anuar Patjanelonelywhale2

A photographer shedding light on the lack of attention being paid to the health of our world’s seas and oceans, his beautiful black and white photography highlights the ominous expanses and inhabitants of what lies beneath the water's surface.


Francesca A. Pagelonelywhale5

Looking to spread progressive messages about world and environmental conservation Francesca creates good feels art saturated with love for all earthlings—land and sea dwelling a like.


Svabhu Kohlilonelywhale10

Indian visual artist, Svabhu Kohli, engages viewers with the mysteries of the oceans through multi-dimensional digital illustrations of nature's biggest mysteries.



Vinicius Carvas, aka Cash, hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a multi-faceted artist, working as an illustrator, graphic designer and graffiti-artist. What's more–he harnesses his various visual inspirations and the daily situations in his life as an artist to illustrate tee-shirts.


Petey Ulatanlonelywhale21

A multi-disciplanary creative, Pete, works on video, photography, graphic design and brand management in Hawaii. Pete's other-worldly depictions of his environment are surrealistic videos looping motion in angular distortion.


Cherry Virginia


An illustrator with a knack for incorporating highly detailed mandala-esque and geometric layers within visions of nature.


Lindsay Rapplonelywhale11

Using canvas and oil-based hues, Lindsay Rapp, makes paintings that become windows to magical places within the ocean's vast landscape.


Isobel James lonelywhale8

An immense talent in the world of water color. Isobel fashions delicate paintings of wild life with overlapping pigments and delicate swashes of color.


Mat Millerlonelywhale12

Mat Miller is an illustrator and artist from the United Kingdom. He likes to illustrate nice things for people, based mainly around animals and nature.


Taka Cooperlonelywhale13

As a graphic designer, painter, and tattoo artist, Take Cooper draws inspiration from wanderlust: growing up in Illinois he often imagined faraway places.


Jared Muraltlonelywhale9

"Muralt is largely inspired by the quotidian: his sketchbooks, which he carries with him at all times, are filled with fascinating studies of people, scientific inventions and the animal kingdom."


Marco Mazzonilonelywhale15

Italian artist, Marco Mazzoni, works strictly with colored pencil, his works focus on the dichotomies and relationship of flora and fauna.


Buff Disslonelywhale17

Tape, the adhesive strips you use to hold moving boxes shut isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when considering a medium for making art. Buff Diss however is a master at creating undulating waves of still motion with this common household item.


T Diarylonelywhale3

"Carlos Toledo is a Barcelona-based artist and illustrator and designer who every morning makes all of his followers happy with one of his drawings full of good humor. Because a day starts better if it starts with a smile."


Miren Leyzaolalonelywhale1

Creating art showcasing the world around her through the lens of environmental activism. Her artworks are clearly related to nature, but are meant to speak to the overall struggle for love and respect felt by everyone and everything.


Josh Keyeslonelywhale18

“Josh's work is a hybrid of eco-surrealism and dystopian folktales that express a concern for our time and the Earth's future.”


Krisztina Dekanylonelywhale7

Based out of the United Kingdom, Krisztina Dekany, has one saying when it comes to making art, "Everything Nature." Her ocean-centric illustrations reproduce images of underwater wildlife in a calm and beautiful portrayal.


Thomas Blanchardlonelywhale22

Thomas Blanchard's "Memories of Paintings" project "is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves." His videos take life through the mixing of various liquids and detailing their interactions.



As with anything worth doing, we can't do this alone. To help us bring awareness to this cause we need artists to submit artwork themed around "ocean life". Whatever that means to you, we want to see it.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference in the battle to improve the world's oceans and the lives inhabited within it.



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