Meet Dj Bonnie Beats

The mission behind our shoes is rooted in a connection. One that will connect you with a person, place, or story that you might not have experienced otherwise. This week we sat down with Dj Bonnie Beats to hear how her past connections have influenced her work.

"I was raised on a lot of old Latin music (Salsa, boleros, Latin Jazz etc.) musica guajira, so to speak. Music represented good times were about to ensue, like, your estranged favorite cousins are coming over so we gotta clean the house, mom's cooking a bomb dish, the holidays are here. All that had to be done with music setting the tone to the evening or festivities."


If it isn't the people that you find yourself surrounded by it could very well be the city that you pull inspiration from. For Dj Bonnie Beats it's Miami.

"As far as my DJing, Miami's definitely influenced my sound 100%. I tell you this now while staring at my "The Bass That Ate Miami" vinyl, haha. I incorporated a lot of bass-elements in my productions that are not sampled based. I haven't released much of that work because I'm still trying to find a sound that's true to Bonnie Beats that's not borrowing pieces of what's already made, if that makes any sense. As far as my sets go, Miami taught me one thing: Nothing moves the city more that a sweet driving bassline."


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"My grandfather was Cuban and a huge fan of Cuba's golden oldies. Tracks he grew up on. Before he passed he turned me onto one artist in particular, Beny Moré. I was compelled to build a track that sampled his work for my old man so I started dabbling with MPCs and beat machines."

This is a bold question, but I would have to say, without putting too much thought into this and going with my initial instinct: Oneness. Whether it's "piecing" a simple track or "piecing" an entire night's worth of music, I want to be a vehicle for music and use its magical powers to bring people together.


When we connect with someone's story at a deeper level we are able to see where people are coming from. Find more stories from our artists and friends at @BucketFeet on Instagram



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