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Give Back

Our founders, Aaron and Raaja, met for the first time volunteering with kids in the slums on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. They always felt giving back was the right thing to do, and BucketFeet is no exception. We have selected three organizations that help children in creative ways, through art, music, and sports. Each organization is committed to teaching skills and building confidence in young people, and we think this is the best way to make a meaningful impact. Better to teach a child to fish, than give a child a fish. Checkout how BucketFeet and our friends have given back here.

Our Partners

Since we met working with at-risk kids in the slums of Buenos Aires, we've decided to partner with groups that have dedicated themselves to helping kids in creative ways. We believe we can have a bigger impact on children's lives by partnering with world-class organizations that have already figured out the best way to solve very specific problems. Our official partners include MAGIC, love.futbol, and Children Mending Hearts.

To learn more about our partners, checkout their links below:

  • MAGIC - We're going to start by supporting their world-class stringed instrument program for kids in the Woodlawn community in the South Side of Chicago. Music will open their minds and create a new community of empowered youth.

  • love.futbol - We're going to devote financial resources to help build more safe soccer fields around the world. The cool thing is we provide the resources but the communities come together to build the fields themselves.

  • Children Mending Hearts - We're teaming up to provide resources to arts programs and workshops for homeless children in the U.S. and also abroad in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, and Darfur.