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The line is produced by an international collective of artists and designers hailing from all over the world, and each pair is as unique as can be-from flashy, intricate prints, to simple no-frills solids.
High and low steppers would be delighted with a $15 credit [from JustBecause] for a pair of super original yet extremely comfortable shoes designed by hand-picked artists from BucketFeet.
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BucketFeet source unique designs from artists and put them on comfortable, reasonably priced shoes.
BucketFeet taps artists to adorn their kicks.
Bucketfeet has enlisted the design work of Chicago based artist Dougan Khim in their upcoming release, Paisley. Khim decided to play with the paisley design and offer up his own spin on the classic pattern.
BucketFeet...back with another Chicago-centric collabo.
The [Paisley] design is a great way to embrace the pattern in an unconventional way but also remains true to BucketFeet's overall aesthetic.
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Inspired by a design first crafted for a one-off pair Firestein wore on a trip to Shanghai, the Karma shoe is the perfect blend of both a bold pattern and a more subtle pop of color.
BucketFeet, the only footwear company based in Chicago, is releasing their first pair of shoes designed by a hometown artist: Jesse Greene - better known as Dense83.
When the new line of Bucketfeet shoes dropped, we applauded the eclectic designs of a few very dynamic Brazilian artists. But we really got juiced when we found out that the one American designer featured in the new line was Oakland artist Meryl Phillips.
If you've kept up with BucketFeet, you know that that artists from around the world have put their imaginations down on the brand's shoes. Gentlemen, please stand. There's a lady now present.
BucketFeet artist Meryl Rose-phillips is an Oakland native who truly believes in the power of art and how it evokes so many different emotions and interpretations in all who view it.
The founders of Bucketfeet created the brand to give artists a platform to showcase their work and footwear was the perfect solution to spread art in a creative way.
With the over saturated shoe lines developing over the past few years, we immediately thought, "Okay, another shoe line?! What's new?!" After going over their sneak peek images, we were sold! Over the course of the next couple of weeks, the brand will release a bunch of new styles showcasing a new artist to highlight.
Fresh. Dope. All That.
The socially conscious Chi-based footwear company is rolling out a series of designs from worldwide artists, starting with a pair of Rio-conceived offerings.
We recently came in contact with a company called Bucketfeet that creates shoes with street artists. Their new series is a collab with Brazilian artist Felipe "Mottilaa" Motta.
Check out this hot new shoe line called Bucketfeet.
BucketFeet recently traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to meet up with four of the artists whose work will soon be seen by everybody in the form of BF kicks.
Who hasn't wanted to design their own clothes? With Bucketfeet, Maria gets to do just that, as she explores the company that is not only connecting artists worldwide, but also benefiting local children's charities.
We Cheeky girls love buying shoes, but what if we could purchase a pair and help empower children at the same time? That is BucketFeet, through and through. Keep your sights on the brand as they are currently sampling new styles of shoes as well as different types of apparel.
We want to collaborate with artists from around the globe, from every spectrum of society, and give them a canvas to exhibit their art and share their perspectives with our consumers and fans.
Chicago-based BucketFeet sells shoes featuring the work of a variety of artists and then donates a portion of the proceeds toward children in need.
BucketFeet collaborates with artists from around the world to produce limited-edition, hand-designed shoes. 5% of all sales are donated to non-profit partners to support kids through the arts, music, and sports.
BucketFeet lanzó el pasado 18 de febrero en Chicago su nueva línea de tenis, trabajando en conjunto con un colectivo de artistas de diferentes lugares del mundo.
Now located in Chicago, the two have launched BucketFeet as a brand featuring designs by Mr. Firestein as well as other artists from around the globe.
Artists from all over the world have begun submitting designs to get involved in this creative and philanthropic movement.
Their business plan allows them to donate 5% of every purchase to one of three charities they work with: Magic, love.futbol, and Children Mending Hearts.
With a motto like 'Buy a shoe, Build a Community,' you better believe that BucketFeet raised the bar with their new shoe party at Studio Paris.
BucketFeet, the recently launched shoe company, is not only raising funds for children's charities, but has also become the "go to" shoe for travelers. The easy to wear, slip ons are wildly popular for those who find themselves frequently going through airport security. The limited edition shoes are quickly selling out!
Along the way he met international artists from all different realms of life, with styles and expressions unique to their cultures. From that moment on he decided to collaborate with artists from all over the world to provide unique and original designs to their slip ons. Expect some big things from these boys, this is simply the beginning...
BucketFeet is an emerging lifestyle shoe brand based in Chicago and pioneered by close friends and international travelers Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani.
This past weekend, Paris Club hosted the official launch of BucketFeetshoe company. Paris Club's new rooftop, Studio Paris, which is known for celeb spotting was jam-packed with over 300 attendees.
Bucketfeet is a super fresh company that views a blank pair of shoes as a canvas rather than just a pair of things to cover your feet with. They have a killer artist network built up and whenever someone buys a pair of shoes from the Bucketfeet website, the buyer has the option of choosing an artist to transform the blank pair into a unique one-of-a-kind wearable art piece.
BucketFeet is a Chicago shoe line that I was introduced to by my amazing friend Monique. I am obsessed with graffiti and street art. Probably because I wish I was born with that gift. Now artists all over the world can become part of the BucketFeet community by contacting the company. Sort of Thread less for Shoes, except not.
This past weekend, Paris Club hosted the official launch of BucketFeetshoe company. Paris Club's new rooftop, Studio Paris, which is known for celeb spotting was jam-packed with over 300 attendees.
BucketFeet founders Aaron Firestein and RaajaNemani celebrated their new shoe company along with me and 300 guests, at Paris Club's new rooftop Studio Paris. The brands motto, Buy a Shoe, Build a Community, helps raise money for children's charities while bringing awareness to new artists.
A new shoe company is creating a buzz in Chicago.BucketFeet offers limited edition casual shoes designed with the intention of merging comfort and wearable art into one sweet kick.
The duo met while volunteering with at-risk kids in Argentina, and after reconnecting years later, they channeled their passion for travel, art and philanthropy into BucketFeet, a line of shoes that showcases unique designs while partnering with organizations that help children in need.
The last two photos are awesome sneakers from BucketFeet. It is a brand new sneaker company that brings colorful, one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn designs to the classic canvas sneaker.
When we fall in love with something, we fall hard. Meet Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani, the driving force behind our favorite wearable art: BucketFeet.
New Chicago-based shoe company BucketFeet focuses more on giving back to children around the world than profits. They aim to raise money for children's charities while displaying new artists' work on each pair of shoes.
Recently, I came across an awesome shoe line that works with independent artists and donates a portion of all sales to charity. BucketFeet, started by Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani, represents a new type of social entrepreneurship.
Firestein, who began drawing "wearable art" in college, hand-designed the current offerings-seven patterns in two colors each, available online now. He says that Series 2, which is set to drop by late summer, will feature designs by up-and-coming artists he and Nemani have met during their travels.
Bucketfeet is a brand-spankin' new Chicago-based shoe company that sells limited edition canvas slip-ons printed with designs created by artists from around the world.
BucketFeet, inspired by Firestein's obsession with drawing on his shoes, is the latest addition to the philanthropic sneaker world (Hello Osborns!). RaajaNemani and Aaron Firestein launched their slip-on collection earlier this year and now give buyers a reason to sleep soundly knowing that their "comfort" purchase will help many children's charities worldwide while promoting new artists.
BucketFeet not only aims to help kids in need, but also to showcase the work of global artists. Translation? Customers not only get that warm do-gooder feeling but also a pair of chic kicks that could one day be a collector's item.
BucketFeet is the latest in this new wave of businesses blending social purpose with profit. The Chicago-based shoe company, launched just two months ago, operates under the motto, "Buy a Shoe, Build a Community."
Founder and Creative Director Aaron "Bucket" Firestein has built the brand rather quickly, first working out of a dirty dorm room at the University of Oregon, and later scaling up with the help of one of his early customers (and current BucketFeet CEO), Raaja Nemani.
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This new, local shoe company lives by a beautiful motto: Buy a shoe, build a community. Founders Aaron Firestein and Raaja Nemani recently launched BucketFeet, a company that creates one-of-a-kind shoes together with local artists, and then donates a percentage of each sale to one of three innovative, child-focused charities.
There's something about casual shoes that make them ideal for charity. A new shoe company called BucketFeet is kicking something back to children's aid groups.
From two dudes who met volunteering down in South America, BF's a brand spankin' kicks concern peddling hand-designed, graffiti-esque, canvas slip-ons they describe as "wearable art", which is old news to everyone who considered their moon shoes to be Hoppers.
Innovative new shoe company, Bucketfeet, creates one-of-a-kind shoes designed by local Chicago artists, and donates a percentage of all sales to three children's charities.
Lovers of both shoes and art will definitely want to check out BucketFeet, a new shoe company based in Chicago. Co-founded by Aaron Firestein and RaajaNemani, BucketFeet not only boasts artsy kicks, but is also about making a difference in the lives of children in the community.
The footwear industry has often been on the forefront of helping those in need, so it's no surprise that more companies are finding a way to combine selling shoes with philanthropic endeavors. The most recent addition to that list is BucketFeet, a Chicago-based shoe company with the motto, "Buy a Shoe, Build a Community."
We do love our TOMS around these parts (I'm still trying to talk myself into a glittery pair-they are considered office appropriate, right?), so when we got wind of a new shoe company that's giving back with every pair purchased, we had to check it out. Enter BucketFeet, a Chicago-based outpost that aims to raise funds for three children's charities with every purchase of artist-illustrated kicks.
BucketFeet features lots of great designs by various artists around the world.
Buy a Shoe, Build a Community; This is the motto of the new shoe company, BucketFeet. For each shoe sold, a portion of the sale is contributing towards a greater purpose.
Remember when you were ten and you liked to draw on your sneakers? Chicago-based company BucketFeet takes that concept to the next level, using actual artists who are much more talented than you.
Many say that there is beauty in everything, you just have to find it. Using a simple sneaker as a canvas, BucketFeet exemplifies the individuality that is wearable art.
BucketFeet exemplifies individuality and confidence. Not only are BucketFeet super comfortable, but the one-of-a-kind designs fit any personality and are sure to get you noticed.
Fiends, I would like to present to you a new sneaker brand by the name of Bucketfeet Shoes. Bucketfeet Shoes sells unique and limited edition sneakers that are created by artists from around the world that aims to raise funds and awareness for children's charities.
The Bay Area churns out creativity and activism like nowhere else I've ever been. So it's no surprise when the two commiserate to feed you aesthetically, artistically and philanthropically at the same time. This is exactly what the upstart BucketFeet is striving to do.
New Chicago shoe company BucketFeet operates on the motto "buy a shoe, build a community," raising money for children's charities while introducing new artists through some awesome, one-of-a-kind shoes.
BucketFeet launched with the simple vision to design and sell limited edition shoes and help build communities. The company's goal is to help consumers "get involved" in the community by contributing a portion of each sale to one of three innovative, children-focused, non-profit partners.
BucketFeet, an organization dedicated to raising funds for children's charities around the world, has announced the company's official launch. The company not only raises money for three children's charities but also helps promote new artists with its line of fun, imaginative, limited edition shoes.
BucketFeet brings us adorable kicks creatively done and a portion of the proceeds go to a great cause. Three organizations are lucky enough to be benefitted: MAGIC (instrument program for the kids on the South Side of Chicago),love.futbol (an organization creating safe soccer fields around the world), and Children Mending Hearts (an art program for homeless kids).
With roots in California and Buenos Aires, Chicago based BucketFeet sets out to unite social entrepreneurship with their one-of-a-kind, colorfully patterned sneakers, giving them their motto, "Buy a Shoe, Build a Community".
After selling a fair amount of bucketfeet by word of mouth and facebook in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aaron was contacted to do an interview and press piece by the Argentimes, the city's largest free English-language newspaper.