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Scott Wilson for BucketFeet - Limited Edition Skulz

In the spirit of connecting artists and inspiring creativity through new mediums, Scott Wilson created the Limited Edition Bucketfeet Skulz sneaker using his latest Kickstarter success, LUNATIK Touch Pen.

With Scott Wilson and MINIMAL's newest innovation, LUNATIK Touch Pen provided the perfect platform for the two Chicago-based entities to collaborate. Born from a desire to integrate the pen with a digital stylus, Touch Pen allows for a seamless transition from analog to digital with the click of a button.

Using the LUNATIK Touch Pen, Wilson drew his original artwork in Sketchbook Pro on the iPad. He then applied the Percolator app, which transformed the hand-drawn art into a circle-based abstracted pattern.

The result, Skulz, is a graphically dynamic work of wearable art and embodies how art, design, and technology are continually influencing one another.

The LUNATIK Touch Pen

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