Celebrate the New Year in the Best Designs of 2019

Celebrate the New Year in the Best Designs of 2019

You enjoyed the champagne, threw the streamers, saw the fireworks, and stayed up into the wee hours of New Year’s Day. Are you the resolution-setting type? Heading into the new year with big plans? Maybe you’re mostly grateful 2019’s over. 

Whatever your feelings about the latest decade, you made it. 2020’s here, and it’s the perfect time to redefine your shoe for the new year. Finding new slip-ons in the new year can be like making good on your resolutions (difficult, at best). Thankfully, Bucketfeet are the best year-round slip-ons for the job. They’re uniquely designed by real artists, meaning there’s the exact print or design to best represent your style. From classic leafy fronds to prints of animals, fungi, and more, 2019 saw some incredible shoes. Find your next favorite pair of Bucketfeet from our best of 2019 collection below.     

These designs are three of our favorites because each one plays with color, print, and flora and fauna subject matter. Rachel Jagger’s “Oh, the Hue-Manatee” design features the playful sea cow in a whimsical ocean of stars. It’s a fun, lively design to pair with simple socks or bright, bold slacks. Want a brilliant pair to wear when you’re not rocking manatee-themed kicks? “Turning Over a New Leaf” by Mirri Rowland is a strong, stunning design in soothing emerald. The various shades of green on the white background make this pair easy to wear with anything—match this design with pants, dresses, or shorts and you’re set. Similarly, Mariya Karapaunova’s “Magic Mushrooms” blend well with any set of socks or slacks. The design’s fun fungi look great in bold purples and blues. Grab any one—or all of these designs—to freshen up your shoe style this year.  

Welcome the year with pattern and color. The “Internet Killed the Television Star" design by kookylove feels funky and classic—a nice balance to strike. Match the textures and colors of the art with color-blocked socks or simple dark pants. Wearing this pop culturally relevant design will brighten any dark winter day, and bring style to your new year.  

World Map

Prep for spring and embrace the newness of the year with “World Map” by Meera Lee Patel. Pump up your shoe collection with these travel inducing slip-ons. The world is your oyster and ready to be explored. Whether you’re a jet setter, nomad, or just dream of vacation, step into 2020 in these travel-ready slip-ons. 

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