Fall Style Guide: 3 Ways to Bring Your Bucketfeet Into the New Season

Fall Style Guide: 3 Ways to Bring Your Bucketfeet Into the New Season

In our neck of the woods, the air is getting chillier, the coffee is switching from iced to pumpkin-spiced, and the layers are piling up. Fall has officially fallen upon us. But just because the weather is cooling down doesn't mean you have to retire your slip-ons for the year! There are lots of ways to take Bucketfeet slip-ons into the chillier season. Here are a few tips!

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Design above is "Chicago Dog".

Pair them with fall-colored pants & accessories

Taking your slip-ons from summer, cutoff-jean-weather to fall is all about outfit context. For a super fall look, pair your Bucketfeet with the right accessories, like these:


Some perfect fall accessories: Beanie: "Dolphox" | Sweatshirt: "Wild" | Backpack: "Yosemite" | Travel mug: "Forest Pattern" | Duffel: "Foxy" | Phone case: "Fall"

As far as the outfit, pair with fall-colored pants (think rusty oranges, chestnuts, black jeans, dark green jeans, etc.), socks (yes, high socks and slip-ons go together VERY well), slouchy sweaters, colorful flannels, etc. 


Design above is "Tree Pattern".

Rock some fall designs for your feet

Of course, you can get the ultimate fall vibes if your slip-ons are covered in designs and patterns that just scream autumn coziness! 

There are a few ways you can elicit fall vibes with your Bucketfeet. You can go by color and pick rich oranges, golds, etc. (like with "Foxy", "Social Pugs", and "Classic Leo" above), spooky creepy designs for Halloweentime (like "The Shining Overlook Hotel" pattern or "Baby Pumpkin", or you can choose designs that are outdoors-y and remind you of autumn (like "Oregon".)

Design above is "Pink Flower"

Pair them with fun socks

Forget the old rule that slip-ons tend to only go with no-show, low-cut socks. Roll up your jeans, put on a cozy, fall-ish high sock, and slip into your slip-ons. This can make even the most summer-y patterns completely at home in the new season. Give this new style a try (and when you do, post it on social and use #Bucketfeet so we can see your style.)

Do you have any other style tips? Let us know on social and post your pics!

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