Find Florals for Your Feet as Fall Transitions into Winter

Find Florals for Your Feet as Fall Transitions into Winter

Don’t let the changing weather and shorter days get you down. Just because winter’s on its way, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate color into your wardrobe. In fact, it can be argued that gray days are perfect for wearing playful pops of color in accessories like hats, scarves, gloves, and shoes. 

One simple way to perk up winter looks is by adding floral prints. Florals are a positive, uplifting way to play with pattern and color. No need to go overboard and cover yourself in head-to-toe roses. Odds are good there’s an optimal flavor of floral out there for your taste. If your style stays fairly minimalist year-round or you love all black everything, there’s even more reason to dabble in prints for your outfit’s extra touches. We like to keep our floral prints bright and bold, but subtle and classy florals are great for winter too. Explore our favorite floral Bucketfeet for the full spectrum of paisleys, forest fun, house plants, tropical vibes, and more.     



You may think floral means only flowers, but we think trees and leafy greens totally count. Inspired by wood grain, we paired this electric canopy design with autumnal socks for a standout look. Grab a pair of “It Grows on Trees” by John Tibbott for when you want lush kicks but aren’t feeling flowers.  



Bright socks look even more stunning paired with these black Bucketfeet covered in pink and orange flowers. This fiery floral print packs a punch with red-orange socks. Dark pants, long coat, flowery slip-ons—you’re set. Grab “Garden” by Jack Duarte for a pair of darkly bright Bucketfeet.  



Feeling festive as soon as the snow starts falling? Make your holiday style fun yet classy with cuffed denim jeans, pastel socks, and colorful Bucketfeet. We love pairing stripes with florals and think understated socks and bold slip-ons are a smart match. Combine “Wild Flowers” by Michelle Li Bothe with light-colored socks for a sweet, playful look. 



Much like leaf designs, not all floral prints are flowers. These subtle all-over tree Bucketfeet go well with bright socks, light jeans, and a fall day. They blend in with a wintery landscape but work well in the transition from autumn to full-force blizzard too. Get a pair of “Tree Design” by Jason Heglund, and confidently stroll into the changing seasons.  

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