Get the Most Miles out of Your Bucketfeet

Get the Most Miles out of Your Bucketfeet

Rocking your Bucketfeet out in the wild can mean real-life stains. They’re so easy to slip on and get moving, it’s only natural you might have messy shoes from time to time. Whether you’re commuting several hours each day, hiking wooded trails, hitting up the beach, or traveling weeks on end, your Bucketfeet can take whatever you’ve got planned. Give your slip-ons a little extra love every once in awhile and they’ll keep your feet looking—and feeling—good for the many miles ahead. To keep them going as long as possible, here are the best ways to care for your Bucketfeet.  

Tips for Happy Shoes 

Rather than waiting until your Bucketfeet are unrecognizable with grime or entirely caked in mud, try spot cleaning your slip-ons every few weeks. Grab an old toothbrush (save the ones you get from the dentist at your annual cleaning for this purpose!) and start by brushing the dust out of the material from heel to toe. 

If you’ve got some tricky stains, spot clean those with water and mild detergent. Pour one cup of cold water into a bowl then add several drops of mild detergent or dish soap (you don’t need that many, just enough for bubbles to start forming). Dip your cleaning toothbrush into the soapy solution and scrub the stained areas of the shoe. 

For larger or more persistent stains, take out the cushioned insole and throw the shoes in the washing machine. Use the cold setting and only one fourth the amount of mild detergent you would for a normal load. Don’t add any bleach. Once the shoes are washed, let them air dry fully before wearing them (keep them out of direct sunlight when drying to keep the colors bright). Remember to avoid the dryer; it can harm your shoes’ fit. If your shoes’ designs include any leather or foil, you’ll want to skip the washing machine altogether to make sure those materials don’t get damaged.  

To keep your Bucketfeet smelling fresh, throw a dryer sheet in each shoe overnight. If odors persist, put them in a laundry or cloth bag and leave them in the freezer for 24 hours. The extreme cold kills odor-causing bacteria (weird, but effective).  

Top-Notch Materials 

Your Bucketfeet are made to last. The sturdy cupsole is formed out of one continuous piece of rubber to keep the shoe’s sole from coming apart (which can happen when different pieces come together to make an outsole). The polyester and canvas blend material expertly absorbs digitally printed ink, so your shoes’ designs stay bright and vibrant for much longer. And the cushioned insole, complete with comfort bubbles, is removable for easier, better cleaning.  

Spread the Love

Now that your shoes are in excellent shape, keep up the care routine and share these tips with fellow Bucketfeet fans. You’d be surprised how far a little time, cold water, soap, and love can go. While it’s great to grab new shoes with designs you don’t already have, it’s also important to keep the ones you have looking good. 

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