Launch into Outer Space in these Galactic Designs

Launch into Outer Space in these Galactic Designs

Space is the final frontier and has truly captured the imagination of us Earth dwellers. We’ve been staring up at the stars since the beginning of time, wondering what goes on beyond our Milky Way Galaxy. And as long as there have been stars to study, we’ve drawn, painted, and created art to celebrate and commemorate what we see in the sky. 


The Bucketfeet space collection brings together designs from all reaches of the universe that feature interstellar art. From softly swirling cosmos to bold pops of color and space-themed graphics, these prints deliver on out-of-this-world style. Discover your next favorite pair of space classics in the following lineup. 

Delightfully spacey, “Starry Pattern” by Frederick Jay is straight out of a Van Gogh painting. The swirling print feels reminiscent of a night’s sky, complete with a bright, full moon and shining stars. Try on this pair of galactic shoes for nights out on the town or pair them with your casual weekend wear. It’s an easy print to style with dark pants, shorts, or skirts. 

What’s more playful than a little pup striking out on an interstellar mission to rescue a tasty ice cream treat? This design combines two of the best things on Earth and sends them into space. The black background makes it an easy set of slip-ons to wear with any color of socks or pants. Pair “Corgi-naut” by Phil Tseng with your favorite socks and take your furry friend on a walk through the galaxy. 

Simple yet bold, “Stardust” by John Tibbott is an iconic print to pair with dark pants or shorts. These slip-ons stand out with a fresh, yellow canvas and the lightning-like graphic of a red star prominently centered on the top of the foot. A nod to Ziggy Stardust, these fun and spacey shoes are the perfect pair for Bowie fans and astronomers. 

Make a statement with your shoes and let the world know you believe. “Aliens R Real” by Lauren Ramer is the perfect out-of-this-world design. UFOs and their spaceships adorn this funky purple and green print. It’s spacey, silly and delightfully retro. Show your support for our otherworldly friends with a pair of these slip-ons. 

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