Our Favorite Holiday Designs to Feel Merry and Bright

Our Favorite Holiday Designs to Feel Merry and Bright

Break out the eggnog, festively iced sugar cookies, and roasted chestnuts—it’s the holidays! Time for carols and old movies, cozying up in front of a fire, decorating the house, and so much more. However you like to celebrate the season, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the previous year and embrace the winter.  

As we head into the magical span between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, it’s fun to infuse the festive feeling in to your style. From classic holiday colors to prints of arctic animals, incorporating a little seasonal fun into your slip-ons is a great way to amp up your jolly spirit. Find your next favorite pair of holiday-themed Bucketfeet in our top seasonal picks below.     


Hipster Penguin


Love animals? Winter? Consider yourself a bit of a hipster (perhaps ironically so)? Then “Hipster Penguin” by Talula Christian are the perfect pair for you! The complementary designs on the top of each shoe feature two very hip and charming flightless birds. They style well with bright socks since the dominant shoe color is gray. Grab a pair and wear them to the ice skating rink, take a walk through freshly fallen snow, or just stay inside looking hip. 




Head into the holidays with cheer and pizzazz. The “Knit-Off” design by Muiruri Dennis feels chic and festive—a nice balance to strike. Match the knit look of the art with chunky socks or socks with a chevron pattern. Wearing this funky design will brighten any dark winter day, and bring holiday cheer to your look.  


Mountain Animals


Take a walk into the woods with “Mountain Animals” Bucketfeet, designed by Sarah Treu. There’s something really magical about being in the mountains for the holidays, walking along snowy trails covered in animal tracks. Whether you’re celebrating the season in a city or in nature, step into the holiday spirit in these uplifting slip-ons. 

Make a statement this holiday season wearing bold, standout slip-ons. “Blue Magic” by Andy Darko is the perfect wintry yet seasonal design. The pop of blue on both toes and splattered across the sides and back feels icy and mystical. Boldly step into the new year by embracing the thrilling chill of winter and the solstice. 

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