Play with Your Pets in Furry Cat and Dog-Inspired Designs

Play with Your Pets in Furry Cat and Dog-Inspired Designs

We love our animals. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had them for one year or twenty, your pets mean as much to your home as any other family member. You take them on walks at all hours of the day in all temperatures, clean up their messes, feed them, care for them when they’re sick, and so much more. 


Even after all that time together (and plenty of time picking up poop or scooping the litter box), it’s still fun to be reminded of your furry friends when you’re away from them. All-over patterns in cat and dog designs are some of our fan favorites (and ours too!). We’ve long been obsessed with pug-covered slip-ons paired with bright neon socks. And of course, we love the purrrfect combo of classic cat designs with stylish pants. Dogs or cats—we’ve got you. As much as we love animals, we love wearing Bucketfeet for animal lovers even more. Take a walk on the wild side, and step into a pair of your fave doggo or fluffy kitty designs.   



Give the people what they want—cats! These a-meow-zing slip-ons are clearly a cat lover’s dream. They’re easy to style for winter with dark socks and pants or pair well with shorts for your summer adventures. Try a pair of “Cats Cats Cats” by Makart to show your love for all shades and breeds of our feline friends. 



Fido definitely approves of “Foxy” by Kirsten Alexis. The simple, playful pattern looks great with dark or bright socks. The shoe’s contrasting colors stand out in a crowd while showcasing the artful geometric fox design. Grab a pair for walks with your faithful sidekick!  



For a die-hard dog person, there’s nothing quite as magical as a pug. With “Social Pugs” by Huebucket, you don’t have to settle for just one pug—you can cover your feet in them! They’re so incredibly cute it’s somewhat distracting. Get a pair of these precious snuggle pugs and make all the dog lovers you meet envious with pug love. 



Rock a pair of “Space Cat Galaxy” by Vo Maria and combine two of the universe’s most beautiful and puzzling phenomena—stars and cats. The complementary designs on the tops of each shoe make this pair even more playful. Cat people will appreciate their goofy expressions while space people will love the backdrop.  

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