Step Up Your Seasonal Style Wearing Wintry Designs

Step Up Your Seasonal Style Wearing Wintry Designs

Winter’s the best time to take a stand in kicks that warm your heart and toes. Wearing wintry Bucketfeet designs during the chilliest months is a fun way to embrace the weather—rather than try to fight it. From frosty prints and bold typography to classic patterns, winter-inspired designs might be seasonally themed but can also be worn year-round.  

With the right socks, your Bucketfeet slip-ons become a comfy and convenient choice to stomp through snow and ice. The cushioned insole adds an extra, warming layer between your feet and the shoe’s bottom, so you can stay cozy and dry on top of the insole’s comfort bubbles. The sturdy cup sole, made of one continuous piece of rubber, means your Bucketfeet won’t come apart in the various forms of wintry precipitation your weather forecast has in store for you. And if your Bucketfeet do get dirty in the snow, just throw them in the washing machine! Find your next most-loved pair of winter-inspired Bucketfeet in our favorite picks below.     




These super simple Bucketfeet showcase a classy dot print that’s perfect for men or women’s looks. They’re easy to style with jeans or dark pants, and feel wintry without being over-the-top holiday themed. Try a pair of “Control Dots” by Florent Bodart to wear at holiday parties or on your weekday commute. 


Go all-out holiday with these colorful, firework-feeling Bucketfeet. Wearing this bold design will brighten any dark winter day, and bring holiday cheer to your look. Get a pair of “Pink Flower” by Shandra Smith to match with holiday tights and a dress or casual slacks and seasonal socks.   


Space and winter landscapes have a lot in common.This Bucketfeet design reminds us how galactic vibes—and cozy animals—match magically with winter. The classic contrast of the black cats on the white background makes this design both elegant and playful. Step into a pair of “Space Cat Galaxy” by Vo Maria and embrace the void’s vastness. 




Make a statement this holiday season by standing for what you believe in. More than just good food and family fun, the holidays are about caring for each other and promoting peace. Celebrate the true spirit of the season in this inspiring typographic design by Avid Ames. Step into “Stand” and say what you mean with your slip-ons. Also, $10 of every pair of "Stand" Bucketfeet sold gets donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.