Step Up Your Spooky Spirit this Fall 

Step Up Your Spooky Spirit this Fall 

In the most haunted month of the year, it’s fun to find ways to embrace the spooky spirit. Whether you make a trip to a haunted house, carve pumpkins at your kitchen table, or decorate your space with spiderwebs and haunted decor, this season’s a special time to celebrate all things Halloween. Like adding jack-o’-lanterns to your front step or balcony, spicing up your October wardrobe with themed apparel helps you get in a ghostly good mood.    


How do we stroll into October? We like to pair our all-black outfits or graphic tees with Halloween designs and seasonal Bucketfeet. Wearing spooky styles or dark designs on your shoes is an easy way to step up your Halloween vibes. You can also get strategic and make your Bucketfeet part of your costume. 




Pair the “Bold Botanicals” design by Little Patterns with black and gold socks, dark jeans, and fall weather for season style that’s subtle but dark. These Bucketfeet transition well with the seasons and balance a gothic mood with a delicate floral print.



Play with patterns in black and white to make your look more seasonal. This “Aztec Madness” design by Alice Wolves feels way more spooky with burnt orange socks and dark pants. Wear these Bucketfeet to go apple picking or pumpkin carving and celebrate autumnal activities. 




Take the horror to the next level with creepy Bucketfeet designs. Your day will be frighteningly more fun wearing the “My Shoes Haves Eyes” design by Pigboom Kaboom. Anytime you feel lonely, just look down. Someone will always be watching.  



Go full-on Halloween and make Bucketfeet part of your costume this year. “The Shining Overlook Hotel” design by Jeffrey Speiser really adds a special touch to this twin from The Shining costume, rocking the hotel carpet as the print on her slip-ons. Bucketfeet are a comfy shoe choice for your Halloween escapades—whether you’re trick-or-treating, dancing the night away, or howling at the moon. 

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