Travel Tips for Summer Getaways 

Travel Tips for Summer Getaways 

Summer travel makes soaking up the season more memorable, but you don’t have to take a month-long vacation to reap the benefits of a refreshing summer trip. The intention to take a break, get out of your routine or explore somewhere new is just as meaningful as the destination you choose and the length of your experience. From beach day trips for swimming and picnicking to overnights in the forest preserve for camping and hiking, you can get the most out of your summer travel without going far away for long. But in order to get away at all, you need to do some basic planning and packing, so you’ll be prepared for whatever adventures your travels hold. 


What’s Your Plan?

Hopefully, you’ll be taking several trips this summer—long, short, and in-between. If you happen to have limited vacation time, it’s best to prioritize your travel plans. Figure out where you want to go and how long you’ll be there. What do you want to do when you get there? Does your day trip to a nearby city involve brewery tours, food trucks, and antiques shopping? Maybe you’re meeting up with friends for a weekend music festival, complete with car camping, park picnics, and stargazing. Perhaps this is the long-awaited summer of your travel abroad, country hopping and sightseeing for as long as you can get away. Whether you’re planning a day trip, overnight or longer stay, knowing where you’re going, for how long, and what activities will fill your time is all key information that will inform how you pack. 

Packing Perfection

Though what you bring will be heavily influenced by your travel itinerary, some travel essentials are useful across all summer trips. Sunscreen, perhaps a selection of low to high SPF options, is necessary no matter where you’re heading. Get a travel-sized tube for your carry-on or backpack, and remember to reapply throughout the day, including early evening. Hydration is paramount for all travelers, so bring a reusable water bottle and consider packing travel mugs for your morning to-go drinks. Even if you’ll eat them right away, bring snacks for the plane, car or train ride. Food will likely play a role in your plans, but it never hurts to have granola bars, fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks on hand for in between meals. Remember to dress in layers because even in summer weather, there’s always the chance for an afternoon storm and cooler evening temperatures.     

Happy Feet, Happy Trails

The right, easy shoes are absolutely central to a successful journey. Oftentimes comfortability beats out fashion when it comes to picking the best pairs to pack for your vacation. That’s why Bucketfeet make such incredible travel companions. They slip on, slide in your bag, and stay comfortable all day—no matter how many miles you’re getting in. The extra comfy cushion insert means your feet can handle whatever your trip’s terrain has in store. With durable, rubber soles for support and breathable, machine-washable material, Bucketfeet are great for short or long trips walking the length of the city or sitting poolside.     

Designs for Your Destination 

Equipped with the slip-on of your travel dreams, consider picking designs based on your final destination. From tropical beaches, mountaintops, and deserts to cityscapes and bustling urban areas, there’s a pair of Bucketfeet to match.

Complete your European vacation with abstract designs.

Buckfeet on tile floor

Ojai” shoe design by Young & Sick 

Grab classic looks for your weekend in New York. 

Bucketfeet shoes in front of street art

Drunk Mondrian” shoe design by Renee Pabon

Shop botanical prints for your nature-filled getaway. 

Bucketfeet shoes by stream

Pink Flower” shoe design by Shandra Smith  

No matter where your travels take you this summer, there's a perfect pair of Bucketfeet to match your destination and meet your feet's needs.