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Meet the Brazilian artists that started it all

When Aaron was living in South America, he was invited to do a photo documentary project in Rio de Janeiro that changed his life forever. He shadowed street artists in Rio's notorious favelas for 2 weeks, photographing their lives and their work. Afterwards, Aaron and a friend put on a photo exhibit in a much more affluent part of the city. The impact was incredible. For the first time many of Brazil's wealthier residents saw the beauty and talent that existed in the favelas. Class divides were broken, and proved the idea that appreciating art is universal.

This idea of connecting people through art is the central objective of ours. There are so many talented people in the world that are trying to create awareness and spread their work, and we want BucketFeet to be the platform to make it happen. We give talented artists a canvas to showcase their work, pay for their art upfront, and $1 for every shoe sale. As we grow, our social impact will be second to none in the artist community.