Artist FAQs

  • We have new and exciting news Artists!
  • Over the past year, we’ve been working hard to build a new production and supply chain model that is going to allow us to work with more artists, launch more shoe designs than ever before, and offer all of you greater earnings potential. We think it’s the coolest thing we’ve done in the six-year history of our business! Below are some highlights of this new program:

    1. Bigger Cash Payments.without the wait. We’re switching to a ‘Base Fee’ system which will allow artists to earn up to $10 immediately on each pair of shoes you sell bearing your designs!  That’s right, no waiting on 25 pairs to sell before you capitalize on those earnings.  Also, as we discount and promote your designs, you’ll still have the opportunity to make money with a $1 minimum.  More on the Artist Earnings program here
    2. Handmade-to-order. Every pair of Bucketfeet will be handmade-to-order. No more minimum order quantities, so we can work with more artists and use more of your designs than ever before
    3. New Platform. The month we released a brand new artist platform making it easier for you to submit new art and receive feedback
    4. Never out of stock. We will never be out of stock in any size on our made-to-order shoes. That means no more frustration for customers who love your shoes
    5. Less Waste. Because every shoe will be made-to-order, we will cut down significantly on the environmental waste created by most other shoe and apparel brands during the manufacturing process​

    Everyone is creative and Bucketfeet is a platform for anyone to submit a design, share, and enjoy art from around the world. We’re excited to launch hundreds and maybe even thousands of new designs over the next few months, so please submit as much art as possible and share Bucketfeet with your friends.

    As such, we wanted to let you know that we've made some changes to Bucketfeet’s Design Submission Terms and Condition, including our Payments Page. We did this to better reflect improvements we've made to the design submission process as well as a new fee arrangement. Please read the documents themselves here.

    Please note that by continuing to use our Service, you agree to our new Design Submission Terms and Conditions, including our Payments Page, which will be effective on September 1, 2017.  If you do not agree to these new Design Submission Terms and Conditions, you should no longer submit Designs to Bucketfeet.  In addition, your previously submitted Designs will be subject to the new fee terms on the Payments Page, but you can elect to keep the old fee arrangement for previously submitted Designs by providing us written notice at
  • What is Bucketfeet?
  • We work with a global community of artists to design shoes, spark conversations, and create a brighter world. Every shoe is designed by a different artist, handmade-to-order, and shipped directly to our customers. Anyone can become an artist by signing up and submitting through our Artist Platform here.
  • Why should I submit artwork to Bucketfeet? What is it used for?
  • Your artwork could be sold as a Bucketfeet shoe or other Bucketfeet-branded product. We also provide opportunities for artists to gain exposure through online content, events, and various programming.
  • Artist Payments - How much can I earn selling shoes with Bucketfeet?
  • We have a new Artist compensation structure! Having joined forces with Threadless, we’re making some changes here to allow artists to make maximum earnings right away on sales of their shoes! Changes will be effective beginning November 1st, 2017.
  • Where are Bucketfeet shoes sold?
  • Our products are sold at
  • How do I join the Bucketfeet Artist Network?
  • Click here to register. Once registered, you can fill out your artist profile and start submitting original artwork.
  • What kind of artwork are you looking for?
  • We welcome all types of artists and media. Graffiti artists, illustrators, graphic designers, tattoo artists, oil painters, photographers, and many other types of artists are part of the Bucketfeet family.
  • Does the artwork have to be original?
  • Yes, all artwork must be originally conceived and designed by the artist who submits. If you have questions about image ownership or your particular design, please email
  • Do I have to be from the United States to submit artwork?
  • Absolutely not! We have selected and sold artwork from artists all over the world.
  • How old do I have to be to submit artwork and be selected?
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are younger than 18, you must show proof of parental permission to be eligible to submit.
  • I'm not a digital artist, can I still apply?
  • Definitely! We don’t want anyone to feel left out just because they don't have certain software or tech skills. However, we do ask that you send us your finished artwork in the file formats we require. Email if you have any issues and we'll do our best to assist you.
  • How do I create a vector?
  • We recommend watching this instructional video.
  • Why do you ask for my social media handles?
  • Social media is a great resource for reference and promotion. It helps us get a better understanding of you as an artist. Also, if you’re selected, it's an easy, effective way to promote your work.
  • How do you make your selections?
  • An in-house committee individually reviews each submission. Submissions are chosen based on artistic style and quality, seasonal trends, the artist’s story, and other factors. With each of our collections, we strive to represent a diversity of artwork and artists. Previous submissions are always kept under consideration.
  • Do I retain ownership of my artwork?
  • When you submit your artwork to Bucketfeet, you are still the owner.
  • Does Bucketfeet ever change an artist’s design without asking?
  • We consider ourselves experts at putting artwork on shoes, and, from time to time, we exercise our right to change a design so that it looks its absolute best on a shoe or better fits the season in which it will be sold. That being said, we take care to ensure that the integrity of the original artwork is not lost.
  • Will I find out if my work is not selected? Will I receive feedback?
  • Yes, you will be notified if your work is not selected. If you have questions about your design’s status, please email
  • If I’m not selected, am I disqualified from submitting again?
  • Absolutely not! Some of the most successful Bucketfeet artists haven’t had their work selected until the third or fourth try. Never stop creating!
  • I registered but never received a confirmation email. Why?
  • Please email and we’ll confirm your account.
  • I'm an artist living outside of the United States. Do you ship internationally?
  • Since launching our new made-to-order supply chain, we are not currently shipping internationally. We are working to correct this soon and expand our international shipping to 30+ countries.
  • How can I promote my work and earn more?
  • There are lots of ways to promote your work! Social media is a great place to start. We try to give you as much shareable content as possible so that you always have fun, unique creative to put out into the world every time you talk about your Bucketfeet products.