Artist FAQs

  • Artist Earnings: How does it work?
  • We have a new Artist compensation structure! Having joined forces with Threadless, we’re making some changes here to allow artists to make maximum earnings right away on sales of their shoes! Changes will be effective beginning November 1st, 2017.

    Our new Artist Earnings system operates on a “base fee” for each product sold. Artists will earn the entire difference between the base price and the sale price of a product (this excludes any shipping charges that may be applied to a customer order). The new compensation formula works like this:

    Retail Price – Base Fee = Your Artist Earnings

    Each product has a "Base Fee", which covers production and logistical costs. To calculate your Earnings, subtract the "Base Fee" from the retail price paid and you keep the difference as Artist Earnings. For example, we’re introducing a new $65 price for the slip-on canvas shoes. The Base Fee for this product will be $55. If a customer pays the full $65 price (eg., undiscounted) for a pair of shoes rocking your design, then you’ll earn the full $10 Artist Earnings on that sale. That’s right, no more waiting for 25 pairs to sell before you make that maximum earnings.

    Additionally, we’ll have a $1 minimum Artist Earnings per unit-- so as we promote and offer discounts during promotional periods, you’ll still have the opportunity to make money on the designs you sell.

  • How am I paid and how often?
  • Get Paid Faster. We’re now going to pay out your Artist Earnings faster than ever before! Beginning with November’s sales, we’ll distribute Artist Earnings payments within 30 days after the end of the month.