Artist FAQs

  • What are the format requirements for artwork submissions?
  • Initially, you are only required to submit a .jpg Preview Image. You can also submit Production-Ready Artwork (recommended) and/or a Product Mockup (optional) whenever you're ready: - Production-Ready Artwork: We prefer a vectorized .ai file with 4:5 aspect ratio. If vectors are not available, a 20x25" .psd file or .jpg file at 300 dpi resolution will suffice. Limit palette to 6 colors. This is the file that will help us evaluate your artwork for different types of products (e.g., wall art, shoes, socks).  - Product Mockup: Download one of our templates to create a mockup of your design as a product. We prefer a vectorized .ai file. If vectors not available, a .psd file at size will suffice. Limit palette to 6 colors. Templates can be downloaded on the Submission page.
  • I can’t upload my design. Can I email it to you?
  • We require all artists to submit via our website. If you’re encountering difficulties, please email us at and we’ll do our best to help you to complete your submission.
  • Can I go back and edit my submission?
  • Yes! We only require a Preview Image File at first so that you can submit or edit your Production-Ready Artwork and/or Product Mockup as needed. Also, if we love your artwork but are having trouble with the files you have submitted, we’ll let you know so that you can edit your submission and still be in the running.
  • Can I submit artwork more than once?
  • Yes, and we most definitely encourage you to! There is no limit to the number of design submissions accepted.